Low water pressure? No problem!

A common plumbing complaint is bad water pressure within a house. Whether it is filling up a bath slowly, too much cold water coming through, or reducing a shower to a trickle; low water pressure can be a nightmare for homeowners. It is annoying if you are a couple, but very difficult to live with if you have a family.

There are several steps you can take within your property to try and pinpoint the issue of water pressure. If the problem is a recent development, make sure to check any visible pipes for damage, corrosion or rust.

Have a look for the stop valves in the property; usually these are located underneath a sink, most likely the one in the kitchen. Checking your cold kitchen tap can be a good way to manage the water pressure, because that is usually the main plumbing entrance to the house.

In winter, check for frozen pipes. Exposed piping in the cold weather can be a concern because the water expands within the metal, causing them to burst. There is some good advice from official sources at what to do if your bad water pressure is caused by frozen pipes.

Once you have done the basic checks for the problems of water pressure, it is important to tackle the issue before it starts affecting your life long-term.


One step that you should take to try and locate the problem is to discover where the house water meter is. When found, you then need to pinpoint the exact values from before and after the meter, working through and turning the valves all the way off. There should be at least one valve near the water meter that needs turning off in this way.

There is also equipment that can be purchased to help. The Salamander HomeBoost pump is an ingenious invention that helps combat the problems associated with low water pressure. The system can be installed in less than an hour and monitors the upkeep of pressure within the pipes.

The best position for the Salamander is on the cold water mains of the house, within 2m of the mains stop tap, in order for the HomeBoost to really be as effective as possible. It is highly recommended that you get a professional to fit the system so that you do not void that warranty and also to ensure that you get the most out of the pump.

For some reason, if these steps did not work and you cannot find any obvious reason as to why the water pressure within your property is so low, contact the local authority. They will be able to tell you if there are any incidents in the area that may be causing the problem, as well as advice what would be best to do in the situation.

If you want to purchase the Salamander HomeBoost and start experiencing really good water pressure in your property, contact Showerdoc today on 0131 538 4343. The have the UK’s largest online selection of shower related accessories, and will be able to shed some light on the water pressure problem. 

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