Low Water Pressure Shower Pumps

One of the most common enquiries that we receive at the Shower Doctor, is from frustrated showers users - who struggle to get a decent water pressure from their water supply - which means slow running taps, and most frustratingly - a frustrating and poor showering experience.

Unfortunately, poor water pressure is an increasing problem across the UK - as more and more houses are built, and demand for water increasing - without subsequent investment in often ageing water supplies and pumping stations. At best, low water pressure is an irritation, and at worst - low water pressure can cause many appliances in the home to not work.

When suffering with low water pressure, the first thing to check is the plumbing in your home - ensuring that there are no obvious causes of low water pressure, such as a half closed stop tap, or a slow leak in any of the pipes. If no problems can be found, think about when you notice water pressure in your home, as water pressure at peak times may be lower - ie, when others are home from work. Also consider speaking to neighbours and asking if they have a similar problems. The next step is to contact your water company, who can come out and visit and check on water pressure both in your home, and in your area - to determine where a problem may lie.

At the Shower Doctor, as well as giving the above advice - we also recommend a range of Salamander Shower & Home Pumps which fix a lot of our customers low water pressure problems, with one easy to install product. These pumps all work by putting the water within the pump under high pressure, it then forces the water through the tap, shower head or appliance much quicker - giving a higher water pressure, and in turn - a much better showering experience.

At The Shower Doctor, we have worked with Salamander for many years, and have complete confidence in the products and technology they offer. Their focus of helping out homeowners with water pressure issues, ties in perfectly with our customer centric business

You can view the full range of Salamander Pumps here, and as always - if you have any questions about which pump is right for you. Please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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