Mira hoping to save time in the shower

In a time when the family home is continually becoming squeezed for time, we're constantly looking for ways to make the most of every minute of the day.

As a result, a growing trend among companies that provide us with those everyday amenities around the home are doing all they can to look after our needs - from robotic vacuum cleaners to self-servicing ovens - the list of time-saving gadgets is becoming increasingly long.

This is a fact that shower manufacturer Mira has been pointing out on its own company blog recently, before demonstrating some of its own products that can also help those looking for a bit of support with their time management.

Among Mira's own examples is the Mira Vision Dual - a digital shower that is controlled using a remote. The company suggests this feature is ideal for those who are most rushed in the morning, as the model has a warm-up function that enables the user to pre-heat their shower from another room.

This means they can turn it on while they're still in bed - so no more wasting time being stood around in the bathroom as the shower gets to an acceptable temperature.

However, this isn't the only solution Mira offers - and an alternative for those who don't want to abandon their mixer shower for the sake of a few minutes in the morning might want to invest in the firm's Agile Sense Module.

This is a plug-in accessory that is compatible with the Mira Agile EV, offering users a digital display that not only tells them how warm their shower is, but also what time it is - so they'll be able to keep track of how long they can spend in the bathroom without throwing their morning routine out of sync.

If you're looking for a new Mira shower or are in need of a part to fix your existing unit, check out what we have available online!

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