Mira Sport 'the installer's favourite electric shower'

The Mira Sport range of electric showers has been around for some time, first launching in 1988. Since then it has undergone a number of improvements, and according to its manufacturer, it is now recognised as the top electric shower in the UK and a favourite among installers.

In a blog post on Mira's website, Tom Rastall the company's product marketing manager for electrics, power, trays and fittings explained why he thinks this particular range comes so highly recommended, and why the Mira Sport Max would be his ideal model.

"It is the best performing electric shower because of our unique patented technologies," he stated. These include Mira OptiFlo, which enables maximum power even on cooler temperature settings.

Mira SensiFlo technology is also built into each of the Mira Sport showers. It detects any reductions in water pressure due to blockages and switches off the power to prevent both the shower unit and the user from scalding hot temperatures.

Finally there is Mira Clearscale technology, which works to reduce limescale build-up inside the shower and means that Mira Sport showers are designed to last up to twice as long as other electric showers.

"The thermostatic versions add an additional level of temperature stability for the safety conscious," noted Mr Rastall. "The large multi-function chrome shower head gives excellent spray performance."

When asked which shower he would recommend to someone upgrading their bathroom, he said it would have to be the Mira Sport Max 10.8KW, as this is the most powerful electric shower on the market and features Mira Airboost technology for "an even greater showering experience".

There are four showers in the Mira Sport range – the Mira Sport, the Mira Sport Thermostatic, the Mira Spot Multi-Fit and the Mira Sport Max. You can purchase these showers, as well as any accessories, spare parts and cartridges you may need, from The Shower Doctor. 

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