Moen promotes 'the connected home'

Consumers are becoming increasingly focused on integrating modern technology into the features of their house, slowly but surely creating a 'connected home', according to new research.

A study carried out by shower manufacturer Moen - titled Moen Watch - has analysed market trends and customer behaviour across the interior design sector to establish which areas are likely to be in demand over the next couple of years.

Senior director of consumer and marketing insights Jack Suvak said: "As digital devices become prevalent throughout every space in the home, consumers are now demanding that the technology be convenient and meaningful to their everyday lives."

He added modern innovations can now be "easily adapted" to the way customers live, with homeowners looking to blend electronics with their home to improve their quality of life.

As far as the bathroom is concerned, the influence of modern technology continues to grow. We've recently written about Grohe's vision for the bathroom of the future, so the topic is certainly one that's on the minds of industry leaders at the moment.

Innovations like personalised shower settings that determine the temperature and flow rate of the water based on the preferences of the individual who is in the room at the time remain a distinct possibility, highlighting how we could be showering in years to come.

Similarly, we could also see entertainment systems built into our existing bathroom accessories - for example, mirrors that double up as televisions to allow the user to really relax as they take a bath, or to digest the morning news as they brush their teeth. It's a world of (almost) endless possibilities.

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