Morning or evening shower - which is best?

It's an age-old debate that divides even the closest of friends at times - when's the best time to have a shower? There's definitely advantages to both morning and evening showers, but here's a little look at both sides of the argument for those of you who are intrigued to know more.


You wake up and it feels like you've barely slept. Whether your noisy neighbours kept you up or your partner kept stealing the duvet, you're not feeling great and aren't really looking forward to going to work. Solution? Jump in the shower and let the streams of water shake some life into you and wake your sleepy little head up. You step out feeling like a different person and are ready to face the day, no matter what your boss throws at you. 

This can also mean you're not quite so reliant on your morning cup of coffee to give you a caffeine-boost, which is definitely a good thing. 

Even if you've had a shower the night before, there's something about waking up and not feeling clean - and could there be a worse way to start the day? When you're in an important meeting or trying to get in your boss' good books, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether or not you smell a little. 

Maybe you're prone to a bad case of bed hair and, no matter what you do, there's no avoiding it. Gushes of water from a good ol' shower is sure to sort out your pesky hair and help you look clean and professional, instead of looking like you've just rolled out of bed. 


Are you a fan of sleep? Do you work out the shortest possible time for you to do your morning routine so you can spend those few extra minutes happily dreaming before your alarm rudely awakes you? 

If you switch to an evening shower, you can enjoy as much as ten minutes more in bed. And let's face it - that can feel like an hour. This way, you'll be up and out of the house in record time - and looking more fresh-faced than your morning shower counterparts. 

When you come home from work, sometimes you feel a bit stressed, sweaty or dirty. Instead of festering in that filth until the next morning, you can wash that muck away in the shower and enjoy the rest of the evening. 

Especially if you're going out for dinner or to see some friends for drinks, you want to be looking - and smelling - your best. You could also have a shower right before you go to bed, so you feel really clean and relaxed before getting your precious beauty sleep. This way also makes the night when you have clean sheets even better than it normally is. 

If you live with a few other people or only have one bathroom, you'll be aware of the struggle you can face to get a slot in the shower in a morning while everyone's trying to get ready for work. However, if you're an evening person, you can let everyone else squabble while you enjoy a more relaxed morning and enjoy a leisurely shower in the evening. 


So there we have it - quite compelling reasons for both cases. However, if you're still stuck and don't know what to do, why not do both? 

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