Need to save money? Then repair your shower

When things start to go wrong in the home it can be all too tempting to put up with faulty appliances and temperamental systems because you don't want to shell out for replacements.

It's been especially tempting since the recession, as many of us have been struggling with rising living costs that have put a strain on our disposable incomes.

According to Heating Ventilation and Plumbing Magazine, a new survey by WaterSafe has shown that half of consumers would put off fixing domestic problems - including plumbing issues - for as long as possible because of the costs involved.

Four out of ten of those questioned said they would rather spend any spare money they have on holidays, while three in ten prefer to splurge on eating out.

However, failing to address faults in the home in a bid to save money could be a false economy, as they could end up costing more further down the line. What's more, fixing these problems may not be as expensive as you would assume.

Take a faulty shower, for example. If you are suddenly experiencing low flow, drips or leaks, something as simple as replacing your shower hose or fitting a new pressure relief device could solve the problem at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole shower.

Of course, a dripping shower is more an annoyance than anything else, although if ignored for some time it could really impact on your water consumption. In some cases, however, ignoring a fault with your shower - or any other plumbing issue - could actually be dangerous.

"As the economy gradually picks up, it is easy to see why homeowners would prefer to spend their limited spare cash on treating themselves," said WaterSafe spokesperson Julie Spinks.

"However, safety in the home and addressing essential maintenance should be a priority and cannot be compromised."

If you need to diagnose a problem with your shower, get in touch with The Shower Doctor. We can help you find the fault and track down the replacement parts you need to fix it quickly at a sensible cost.

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