New Right Pump Range Releases from Salamander, in Stock

Salamander are manufacturers of industry leading water pressure pumps and shower pumps for the domestic market, their pumps increase mains water pressure in tens of thousands of homes across the UK.

Salamander are one of the most innovative companies we work with, and that’s why we are proud to have been chosen to stock and supply their new ‘Right Pump’ range, which encompasses both shower pumps and mains water pumps, which boast a number of new benefits. Don’t think that these are the same products just renamed either, the range is the result of over five years work from Salamanders research & design team, and the results include:

  • Noise Reduction – the RP50PT is now the quietest Shower Pump available.
  • Crossover Technology – the RSP Shower Pump can now provide increased water pressure across the home.
  • Electronic Upgrades – Increased Protection from damage.
  • Spider Web Design – Strengthened Plastic Caps providing unrivalled strength & reliability

Whether you need to power a single shower, or your entire home – this range has the right pump for you.
Over the years at the Shower Doctor, and with thanks to Salamander pumps - we have helped thousands of households increase water pressure easily and quickly across their home. Those customers who have purchased a Salamander Pump from us benefit from more luxurious showering experiences, increased water pressure from their taps, whilst also benefiting from better and more efficient performance from their appliances.

Salamander’s Tech Direct Gareth Richards said:

‘Our Research & Design team have spent over five years overhauling the product range, developing cutting edge technologies that are new to the pump market, and combining that knowledge with feedback from installers and householders’

‘Some of our customer data showed that having such a wide range of pumps was making it more difficult to choose the right pump for the job, so the launch of Right Pump means a simplified product range with clearer product names to help installers. It also involves advanced technology incorporated into every product, and a new look that is more in keeping with our brand and modern product design’

‘Essentially we are delivery upgraded pumps at the same price, but with added functionality’

You can view our full Salamander Pumps Range here, or read about how to increase water pressure in your home, here. If you have any questions about these products, or your homes water pressure – please just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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