Plumbers 'among country's most trusted tradespeople'

Those in the plumbing profession are trusted more than almost any other tradespeople, according to a new study.

Research carried out by Helly Hansen Workwear gauged the opinions of 2,000 men and women in the UK to understand the public's perception of professionals in various industries, the Plymouth Herald reports.

Plumbers were voted to be the third most trustworthy, behind window cleaners and electricians, with the latter also judged to be the most presentable, punctual, and to have the best manners.

However, plumbers really came on top with regards to their personalities, with respondents saying they were the friendliest and the most likely to have a joke.

"When it comes to hiring a tradesman we are placing a lot of faith in allowing that person to work in our home, so we want to know that trust is well placed.

"'The way someone dresses, holds themselves and the manners they have still has a powerful impact, and can go a long way to reassuring potential customers that they have the right skills and attitude for the job," said a Helly Hansen Workwear spokesperson.

Nevertheless, it wasn't all good news for those in the plumbing profession, with the survey also revealing it was believed they were most likely to overcharge customers, along with builders.

National plumbing register WaterSafe has previously sought to address the issue of putting misplaced trust in tradespeople, revealing 54 per cent of homeowners would trust their plumber based solely on their appearance instead of asking about relevant qualifications or experience.

Meanwhile, cost was another factor highlighted as a key reason behind how people go about choosing who will carry out the work for them, according to the more recent study.

Therefore while the overall perception of plumbers is good, consumers should still be wary of individuals that might look to take advantage of the profession's good reputation.

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