Protecting yourself against shower fraud

When it comes to getting caught out by con artists in the bathroom, you'd be forgiven for thinking straight away that we'd be talking about rogue traders.

However, while the topic of falling victim of so-called 'cowboys' is very much something to be aware of - several industry bodies have organised awareness campaigns this year to try to protect members of the public from the issue - it isn't the only hazard that those looking to invest in their bathroom need to be aware of.

Shower manufacturer Grohe recently revealed it had been involved in the identification and destruction of counterfeit versions of some of its shower units.

Through a close collaboration with customs officials in the German port of Hamburg, Grohe was able to confirm to the authorities that packages containing 120 models that appeared to be showers from the company's Relaxa line were actually fakes.

Investigators' suspicions were raised after they noticed the products were of seemingly poorer quality than what is normally associated with Grohe, while the shipping route - which originated in China - was also inconsistent with the firm's usual logistics.

After being contacted, Grohe was able to confirm that it was the case the shipments were fraudulent - despite bearing the brand's logo. 

Situations like this, when they do slip through the net, mean the only group to win are the criminals behind such schemes. Grohe - and other recognised companies - lose out on revenue, while consumers end up paying for inferior products that can break or simply not offer the same standard you might normally expect. As a result of this, the manufacturer's reputation also suffers.

With this in mind, if you find a shower deal that appears to be too good to be true, then there's a chance it might well be.

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