Replacing your bath with a shower - Pros, cons and tips

Ok, from the very outset we will admit that we are a little bias when it comes to this subject – we wouldn’t be called the Shower Doctor if we weren’t.
There is however a common misconception that bathrooms HAVE to contain a bath. Traditionally, we suppose they do. More and more of our customers however, are coming to us wanting to replace their bath with a walk in shower or wet room, and we can see why.
Whilst Baths used to be a vital part of everybody’s routine in the early 20th century, with lives getting busier and busier – showers started to rise in popularity. It’s hard to escape the convenience and enjoyment from even just a few minutes under a steaming hot shower at the beginning and end of each day.
Most of our customers making the change are choosing to replace their bath as part of larger bathroom refurbishment project, however some are just choosing to make the change in isolation. Regardless of your reason, everything in recent years shower technology has improved massively.  Meaning that a Shower is now a true, luxury alternative to a bath.
Below we run through some advantages and disadvantages of making this change.

Free Up Space

Baths take up a lot of space in a bathroom, making replacing a bath with a shower is a smart move for those living in houses or apartments with a smaller bathroom. Furthermore, showers can also be placed in the corner of a bathroom, freeing up floor space for your bathroom suite and storage.
Small Bathrooms are ideally suited to a contemporary shower enclosure, such as the Simpsons Design Side Panel Shower Enclosure with Towel Rail. The frameless glass panels really create the illusion of space.
Simpsons Design Side Panel Shower Enclosure with Towel Rail
For larger bathrooms, a walk in shower is the perfect choice. One of our best sellers is the Premier Walk in Shower from Coram. This enclosure maximises the amount of showering space, whilst keeping the amount of floor space it takes up to a minimum.
Premier Walk in Shower from Coram

Improve Your Shower

Having created more space in your bathroom, and in choosing to have a shower enclosure or wet room, you can invest in a shower which will deliver a luxury, showering experience. Often, Bath Showers provide a less than satisfactory experience because their power and flow rates have to be reduced as not to soak your entire bathroom. A shower enclosure of course, eliminates this problem.
Undoubtedly the most luxurious showering experience involves a rainfall shower head. We supply these shower heads to all prices and budgets – and our range includes the most ‘basic’ rainfall shower heads, right across to rainfall shower heads which use LED’s that change the colour of the water as you shower. The choice is entirely yours! These shower heads create a really immersive showering experience and completely transform a showering experience.
At Shower Doctor, our favourite is the Crosswater Rio Revive LED Shower Head with Double Waterfall.
Crosswater Rio Revive LED Shower Head with Double Waterfall.


A lot of customers choose to get rid of their bath, in place of a walk in shower as it makes dealing with washing a safer experience. Making this change may result from either old age or disability, and is a very positive step in maintaining independent living. If this is the case, a large walk in shower enclosure can be fitted with any number of accessories, including shower seats and grab rails. These products ensure a safe, comfortable shower experience.
The Simpsons Square Wall Mounted Shower Seat, is the perfect choice and easily folds away, maximising showering space for those who don’t use it.
Simpsons Square Wall Mounted Shower Seat

Will not having a bath affect the value of my property?

This ‘great debate’ has been discussed at length and our politicians answer is simply ‘it depends’ If you have a four bedroom family home without a bath – that may make it difficult for young families to move in and bath their children. If you have a one bedroom flat for example, without a bath – it’s unlikely that anyone will lower the price of your home in account of you not having a bath. It’s just common sense.
If you have any questions about replacing your bath with a shower, or have any experiences you would like to share, then please do just leave a comment. Remember, all Showers and Bathroom Products supplied by our team at Shower Doctor have the maximum possible discounts applied, allowing you to achieve your dream bathroom – for less.

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