Shower manufacturer Triton achieves significant waste r

When it comes to choosing a new shower unit, environmental concerns can be one of the deciding factors for many people. However, usually consumers tend to focus on water and power consumption. They perhaps don't always consider the so-called green credentials of a shower manufacturer.

Yet overall, how green your shower is depends not just on how much H2O it pumps out per minute, or how much gas or electricity is required to power it, but also on how it is manufactured, what materials it is made from, how these materials are sourced and how any waste produced in the manufacturing process is dealt with.

That's why plumbers and consumers alike may be pleased to hear about a new green milestone that's been hit by shower manufacturer Triton two whole years ahead of schedule. The company has achieved zero waste to landfill status, meaning it now recycles or reuses all waste components and materials. It had hoped to meet this goal by 2018.

The news comes less than a year after Triton introduced a colour coded waste management system at its headquarters in Warwickshire, allowing production staff to avoid cross contamination of waste and ensure more environmentally-friendly waste disposal.

Triton has also made arrangements to ensure that any suppliers it uses and any waste carriers it works with also deal with waste in accordance with its own environmental policies. This means consumers can be confident that green issues are taken seriously from beginning to end when they choose a Triton shower.

"To have reached zero to landfill status so soon after putting a long-term strategy in place is a huge achievement for all of our staff," said the group's managing director Lorna Fellowes. "The success has followed real dedication from everyone based at our headquarters, who have embraced the changes we've put in place to make reuse and recycling second nature in our factory and offices."

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