Six Showering Mistakes You are Probably Making

It’s highly likely that you have been showering your entire life, whether it’s at school, the gym, at home or at work – we are pretty sure that you don’t give the way that you shower too much of a second thought and that you will at least, be ‘ found guilty’ of one of the following mistakes we have recognised below.

Using Harsh Soaps

Using the wrong types of soap is a sure-fire way of stripping your skin of its essential oils and nutrients, whilst aggravating and drying your skin. Skin is PH neutral, which is how it’s designed to be, and with most standard bar soaps being Alkaline, it’s easy to see how choosing the wrong soap can misbalance your skins natural PH levels.

The other reason why soap is drying, is the simple fact that it eats away at your skins natural layer of oil. Far from making your skin oily, this oil keeps your skin looking healthy. Washing it away not only dries the skin out – leaving it open to infection, but also sends oil glands into overdrive, giving you oily skin.

Running Your Shower too hot

Running your shower too hot

Hot Water is bad for your skin, much in the same way that harsh soaps are. Regular hot showers wash away all of the skins natural oils and minerals, leaving your body scrambling to replace them. Hot water also raises blood pressure, can make you feel faint and also inflames the skin, giving rise to sunburn like symptoms including itchiness, redness and flaking skin… lovely.

Our advice? Have a lukewarm showe2r a couple of times a week – if not every time you have a shower. Your skin will thank you for it.

Not Washing Your Feet

Not washing your feet

Research carried out last year by Dollar Shave Club revealed that almost 28% of us never wash our feet in the shower. This figure exists because many of us believe that the trickling water and soap will clean our feet for us, however – that’s wrong! Feet are one of our sweatiest and warmest body parts, so a good scrub keeps them free of grime and muck. Although be careful, it can be a balancing act washing your feet in the shower.

Showering too often

Yes, you heard us right – showering too often isn’t the best thing for you and your skin. Missing a shower on the occasional day can actually be really good for your skin – it allows your skins natural oils, minerals and bacteria (the good kind) to regenerate and provide a barrier for your skin. This is really only an option though for those who don’t exert themselves physically day in day out at either work or at the gym, as its’ still pretty important that you don’t smell…

You Wash Your Hair Everyday

You wash your hair everyday

It’s easy to assume that shampooing and conditioning your hair every day is the best thing for your hair, and whilst everybody’s hair is different – it’s recommended to regularly give your hair a break from washing. As well as stripping your hair of its natural oils, washing also fades colour quicker as well as causing split ends and encouraging heat styling and drying, which in turn damages hair.

Not Moisturising Afterwards

The benefits of moisturising are very well known, and moisturising after taking a shower should be an essential part of everybody’s showering routine. Moisturising locks in moisture and nutrients into your skin, which have been lost through the showering process – preventing drying out and leaving you feeling completely nourished.

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