Smart/Digital Showers: The Benefits Explained

In 99% of industries and market sectors, technology has made massive improvements in recent years and The Shower sector is no different. Benefiting from the increasing market share of digital showers - the latest innovation from the world’s leading shower brands. In this post, we look at these showers in further detail - as well as looking at some of their coolest features.

Wirelessly Controlled

All digital showers are wirelessly controlled, usually from outside of the shower enclosure. This means that you can start your shower, and specify your ideal temperature without having to stand under in. Whilst this doesn't sound too revolutionary, it makes life just that little bit easier.

As these showers are wirelessly controlled, the mixer can be hidden away from sight - in the ceiling or behind the wall - meaning that you can create a contemporary, minimalist bathroom with all of your showers parts hidden nicely out of sight.

The technology behind these showers, also ensures that they look great - working perfectly with a contemporary bathroom or en-suite.

Digital Shower Installation

Digital showers are some of the easiest to install. They have a pretty simple set up with a showerhead, a digital mixer unit, shower fitting and control panel. Digital showers can be used with gravity fed, mains water and combi boiler systems.

Digital Shower Best Sellers

We stock and supply a wide range of digital showers, all of which have been heavily discounted from their RRP - you can see some of these showers below:

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower

Crosswater Digital Solo with Pump

Crosswater Digital Solo with Pump

Digital Showers Advice

If you have any questions about digital showers, or any of the products on our site - please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have teams of shower experts who are ready to match you to your perfect digital shower.

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