The Shower Doctor Surgery: How to replace an inlet clam

Although the how to video that accompanies this written guide uses a Mira Sport electric shower, the same inlet clamp is used for more than 20 of Mira's showers, so you may still find this information useful even if you don't have a Mira Sport.

Because the clamp is the same, so is the method of fitting it. You can even apply these principles to some of Mira's earlier models, even though they have a slightly different clamp.

What you need

  • A crosshead screwdriver
  • A Torx T10 screwdriver
  • Two wrenches (although these may not be necessary)
  • A Mira inlet clamp, which you can buy here

Removing the clamp

In order to access the clamp, you should remove the shower cover. However, before doing this it is important to check that both the power and water supplies are switched off.

Once you're sure this is the case, use your crosshead screwdriver to remove the two screws at the top and the single screw at the bottom of the cover and pull it off. Next, take out the pipe cover so you can gain access to the inlet clamp itself.

The inlet is likely to be either white, grey or black - the colour doesn't matter though, so don't worry if it doesn't match the inlet clamp you're planning to replace it with. To take it out, use your Torx T10 to undo the two screws holding it in place and pull it forward.

Clamp problems

The most common issue you are likely to encounter with your inlet clamp is a hairline crack, which then causes water to leak from the bottom. 

If this is the case, then replacing the clamp is will obviously fix this. However, it's important to understand why the clamp has cracked, as otherwise you may find yourself needing to replace it again in the not too distant future.

Usually, a crack will occur because undue pressure is being put on the clamp, and this is often because the pipe has been inserted at a slightly off-square angle. Therefore when you are making the repair, you should ensure the pipe is going in completely straight - and this is where your wrenches will come in handy.

Similarly, make sure there is no strain coming from anywhere else - the joints haven't been screwed on too tightly, for example - and this should protect you from experiencing this problem again.

Replacing the clamp

After you are satisfied that everything is in order, then putting the new clamp on is a straightforward affair.

All you need to do is screw it back in - however, one issue you might encounter here is if the screw holes have cracked. This is because Mira don't sell backplates, so if this has happened then the unfortunate reality is that you will need to buy a new shower.

Hopefully this won't be the case, so pop the clamp on, reinsert the two screws and your fix will be complete!

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