The Shower Doctor Surgery: How to replace carbon motor

If your shower motor stops working, then there is a possibility this could be because the carbon brushes inside it have become so worn that they no longer effectively conduct power.

When this is the case, your best bet is to replace them. It's quite an easy job that can be completed relatively quickly, although only if you know what you are doing!


As is always the case when working with the parts inside your shower, make sure both your power and water sources are switched off.

Another common piece of advice here is to cover the plug hole so you don't end up losing small parts down the drain. Finally, remember to take photos at the beginning of the job so you can remember how to put everything back when it's finished.

What you need:

  • Long nose pliers
  • Small screwdriver
  • Gloves

Removing the brushes

When you take out the motor, make sure you wear your gloves and - ideally - some old clothing that you don't mind if it gets a bit grubby. This is because the motor will most likely covered in thick black carbon dust, which is prone to getting everywhere and staining what you're wearing!

The brushes themselves are held in place by the wire that connects to the brush carrier. Using your pliers, grip onto the brass connector at just above where the wire meets the brush and pull it out, keeping your fingers on the old brush while doing so.

Once the wire has been detached, you can pull the brush forwards and out of the motor. However, if it's an older brush then these can be prone to sticking - if this is the case, use a small screwdriver to lever it out of its original position. When the brush is far enough for you to pinch hold of it with your fingers, give it a pull and it'll come out.

Replacing the brushes

The new brush should be exactly the same shape and size and the one you've taken out, so it's simply a case of putting the new one back in the empty slot, making sure the connector piece is facing upwards so you are able to reattach it to the wire.

Holding the brush gently in place, push the connector wire back onto the push-fit connector and you're all done! 

Repeat these steps once again for the second brush, before re-inserting the motor into the shower.

If you'd like to see this repair being done in real-time, check out our how-to video on the topic. Remember, you can buy all the shower spare parts you need, including Sintech motor carbon brushes, from our website.

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