The Shower Doctor Surgery - Servicing an Ultra shower v

This guide will explain how to service an Ultra shower valve by disassembling it, removing the old cartridge and fitting a new one. This particular valve is also sold as a Premier and a Hudson Reed, and although the handles may look different the valve itself is essentially the same.

You will need:

  • An old rag
  • A small wrench
  • A 4mm Allen key
  • A Pozidriv screwdriver
  • A rubber strap wrench
  • A large wrench
  • A small flathead screwdriver

Disassembling the valve

Begin by unscrewing the flow lever. It can be tight, so use an old rag and a small wrench to get a better grip. You'll find a grub screw behind the lever, which you can remove with a 4mm Allen key.

It is a good idea to lay out all the parts of the valve in the order you remove them, as this makes reassembly much easier.

Next, unscrew the small top cap and you'll see a Pozidriv screw. Unscrew this with a Pozidriv screwdriver and you will then be able to remove the temperature control knob.

Now you can unscrew the cover. Underneath you'll see the stop for the flow lever. It is important to make sure this goes back on in the same place.

Take off the main outer nut around the valve next. It can be very tight, so a rubber strap wrench will help here. Wrap it around the nut and tighten it to grip. It should then turn and unscrew more easily.

Once you've removed it you can take off the flow lever stop, remembering exactly which way it was sitting. Taking a photograph could prove useful when reassembling.

A brass retaining nut holds the cartridge itself in place. Use a wrench to grip and unscrew it, being careful not to damage it, and then remove the nylon washer if there is one.

Now you can take the cartridge out. There are two locating pins with a small slot into which you can insert a small flathead screwdriver and lever the cartridge forward. It should then just pull out.

Fitting the new cartridge and reassembling the valve

Fitting the new cartridge is not a hugely difficult job, but you need to make sure that the hot and cold ports face the correct sides of the valve.

Press the cartridge down so that it fits snugly into the locating pins and replace the washer. Note that some newer model valves will not have a washer because they have a different retaining ring.

Screw the retaining ring back into place and use your wrench to make sure it is nice and tight. Then replace the flow lever stop, followed by the main outer nut.

For the next part, you'll need to turn your shower on in order to correctly fit the flow and temperature handles. Just pop on the flow control knob anywhere and keep turning it until the water goes off.

Now you need to set the two stops in the correct place - the one in the body of the valve and the one inside the flow handle - and make sure they both line up.

Next, secure the grub screw into place using your Allen key and screw the handle back on.

When fitting the temperature handle, again you'll need to line up the two stops - the one on the cartridge and one on the handle itself.

Turn the water on again and adjust the temperature - anticlockwise for hot and clockwise for cold - until it reaches the maximum comfortable for showering, and then line up the two stops.

You may find it helpful to watch the videos that accompany this guide, particularly for this last part, so that you can see exactly what to do. You'll find part one here and part two here.

Turn the water back off and secure the head of the valve using your Pozidriv screwdriver before placing the small cap back on at the front. And you're all done.

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