The world's most extravagant bathrooms

We're probably all guilty of dreaming what our lives would be like if money was no object at one point or another. Fast cars, luxury holidays and a house resembling something close to a palace - that's the dream, isn't it?

At The Shower Doctor, we understand the importance of indulging in such fantasies from time to time. While the reality may often be further from our ambitions than we care to admit, it's always good to have something to aim for!

The humble bathroom is no exception and while it is traditionally one of the smaller rooms in the house - mainly due to functional reasons - that hasn't stopped those with deeper pockets than our own from splashing out (sorry) on this essential part of the home.

We've scoured the internet to find some of the finest examples of bathroom indulgence across the world - here's what we found.

The golden bathroom, Hong Kong

Holding the Guinness World Record for the world's most expensive bathroom, this suite cost £2.4 million to create.

It was dreamt up by former goldsmith Lam Sai-wing in 2001 and was modelled on the rooms found within ancient European mansions.

Originally forming part of a solid gold house known as the Swisshorn Gold Palace, the majority of this labour of love was eventually melted down in 2008 when the price of the precious metal hit a record high - something that Mr Lam took full advantage of.

Now, the only thing that remains is the golden toilet - guaranteeing you'll always feel like royalty when nature calls.

The largest bathroom, Chongquing

It was always hoped that the creation of this monster would attract tourism to this area of China from all over the world.

Boasting 1,000 toilets over four stories, there's no denying the scale of this restroom - which rightfully joins Hong Kong's golden bathroom in the record books.

The variety of facilities on offer is astounding, as well. With urinals in the shape of everything from crocodiles to the Virgin Mary, visitors can spend a penny in almost any way imaginable. The people behind the concept have taken every step possible to make the visit as enjoyable as possible - incorporating relaxing music, televisions and open-air areas into the experience.

The tropical bathroom, Hawaii

If you're lucky enough to own a $16.5 million (£9.73 million) mansion in the middle of the Pacific, then it's only right that you find a bathroom capable of complementing your luxury surroundings.

It's safe to say this particular property in Kailua Kona lives up to those expectations. Set within 1.33 acres of land, a lack of privacy is never going to be an issue - meaning an outdoor bathroom is just a matter of course.

This particular specimen is as much a garden as it is a washroom, with a water feature surrounding the sunken bathtub. If you want to get into the bath, you'll have to navigate across a series of elaborate stepping stones - however, that's a small price to pay to have a bathroom that shows off this level of luxury.

The shower is made of carved stone, which you can expect to glisten as the water cascades down from above - no doubt recreating what it's like standing outside during monsoon season.

The minimalist bathroom, California

If you'd prefer to show off your wealth in an understated, classy manner, then maybe this suite is the one for you.

Designed by renowned architect Peter Choate, this bathroom is all-white and enormous, with a sole large window offering a view of the $12.5 million property's impressive gardens.

With no clutter around the room, the huge shower doesn't need an enclosure of its own - effectively turning the space into a giant wetroom. 

The marble bathroom, Pennsylvania

Another extravagant bathroom found in the US, this one has been designed by another famous architect - Rafael Vinoly.

As the heading suggests, this suite - which is part of a $30 million eight-bathroom property in Fort Washington - offers a marble floor and bathtub, with the latter being carved entirely from a single block of the precious rock.

Decadent as it is elegant, this room offers complete luxury - complete with astounding views of the surrounding countryside as standard.

The Cinderella bathroom, Disney World

Where else would you find a bathroom fit for a princess but at Disney World. This fairytale suite was originally built for Walt Disney himself and is now used by the organisation for charity events and promotional giveaways - meaning it's sadly an invitation-only affair if you ever dream of using it.

In keeping with the theme, the toilet has been designed to look like a throne, while the jacuzzi is decorated with stained glass tiles and sits below a dome of twinkling lights that make it feel as though you are sitting outside underneath a starry sky.

To top it off, guests can enjoy the luxury of an oversized shower head and washing themselves in copper basins that have been lovingly decorated by hand - ideal for those who want to feel like royalty for the day.

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