Top 5 bathroom movie scenes

When you hear the phrase 'shower scene' in the context of a film, some of you may instantly stray to thoughts that probably aren't suitable for the type of website you're reading this list from. If this is the case, maybe it's already time for a cold shower before reading on.

However, showers - and bathrooms in general - still have their place in movie culture. Granted, due to the nature of the functionality of this part of your house, you may encounter a glimpse of skin every now and again, but that's not to say the scene itself isn't going to be a memorable one unless there's a bit of on-screen nudity.

In fact, the bathroom can convey all sorts of emotion in film, from horror, to humour and high drama - as proven by our five favourites:


No surprise that this one's on the list, as the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror flick is probably the one that first springs to mind when the film pops up in conversation. Equally, it has since been parodied countless times, to the point that even those who have never even seen the movie are familiar with it.

So, what happens? Marion Crane - played by Janet Leigh - is brutally murdered in the shower while staying at a motel. While there's obviously much more to the plot than that, we wouldn't want to ruin the whole story if you've never seen it!

Arguably, the element of this film that made it into a legendary piece of cinematic history is the score behind it, with screeching violins, cellos and violas contributing to a piece of music titled 'The Murder'. The cacophony of sound builds up tension right up until the point of the attack, leaving the audience in a state of shock. In fact, rumour has it the film actually spawned a generation of shower-phobics!

Lethal Weapon 2

What more could you ask for in a comedic buddy cop film than an exploding toilet? 

Lethal Weapon 2 delivers just that, with long-suffering Murtaugh - Danny Glover's character - caught out on a booby-trapped loo. If he moves, he's dead - but he's not going without a fight. 

Cue a house full of bomb disposal experts trying to de-rig the device before coming to the conclusion the only way to work things out is for Murtaugh to take literally take a leap of faith and try to shield himself from the blast.

He does so with the help of Mel Gibson's Riggs, who stays with his mate right until the final moment before the pair hide in a cast-iron bath.

Hilarious, tense and heart-warming - this scene has it all.


What is it with shower scenes and gratuitous violence? In this slightly disturbing part of the Al Pacino classic, the infamous Tony Montana heads over to a hotel room to carry out a drugs deal alongside his associate Angel.

However, things don't go to plan and poor Angel ends up handcuffed to the shower, before the character Hector uses a chainsaw on the side of his head, then his arm and finally cutting off his leg.

As you might expect, blood goes everywhere and it isn't one for the faint-hearted. But then, with the reputation the film has in the first place, you probably expected that.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Whatever you do, don't fall asleep. Especially in the bath - as Nancy finds out in the first of this horror series.

This scene in particular sees the protagonist snoozing in the tub, only for Freddie's hand to slowly rise from the water and make to grab her, before receding back into the bubbles as she's disturbed from her slumber.

With the tension building, Nancy nods off again - and this time, Freddie's not ready to let her go. She's pulled down into the bath, which suddenly becomes a deep expanse of water (actually shot in a swimming pool), resembling the underneath of a frozen lake and all the claustrophobia that goes with trying to escape. Did she get away? You'll have to watch to find out.


While the setting of this scene is about a far a cry away as you're going to get from a suite you'll find at The Shower Doctor, the fact this immortal scene takes place in a bathroom - even if it is dubbed the worst in Scotland - still ensures it makes our list.

Considered by many to be the film industry's best ever use of a toilet, anyone who has seen this will probably remember their initial reaction to be one of gagging, as they watch Ewan McGregor's Renton dive into a faeces-filled loo to retrieve some suppositories he is using to try to relieve his own drug addiction.

Just like the bathroom scene in Nightmare on Elm Street, the waters of the toilet are much deeper than logic - and reality - might dictate, as the viewer watches Renton disappear head first into the bowl, before reappearing much wetter and smellier than he was before.

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