Top Five Tips for Bathroom Renovation

There are many factors to think about when investigating the possibilities of a brand new bathroom and today’s blog post includes Showerdoc’s top five tips to consider when contemplating renovation.

Test Your Tub!

You would test a sofa before purchasing, why not a bath tub? Standard bathtubs tend to be 1700mm long and 700mm wide and generally rounded in shape. As bathroom interiors have commenced we have seen all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes introduced including square, oval, corner styles and even almost triangular - it’s true! Without laying down in the bathtub of choice, how are you to know if it offers the maximum level of comfort you have become accustomed to?

Faithful Flooring - it’s a Must!

Steam, an overflow of water, wet feet….. it all happens in the bathroom and the only way to ensure the least mess/water damage as possible is via the right choice in flooring. Popular options include stone tiles, ceramic and even a marble effect. Each of these are easy to wipe clean and will withstand the wear and tear associated with this busy room in the home. For additional warmth you could investigate the possibility of underfloor heating. Should your budget not quite stretch to this, hardwood floors offer a natural warmth. Flooring to avoid: Carpet!

Mirror Manoeuvres!

Investigate thoroughly before opting for surfaces covered with mirror. Whilst the look is possibly a tad dated, it does fit in certain styles of bathroom yet the one point to be aware of is how often they require cleaning. Let us draw you back to the fact your bathroom can quickly become a vat of steam and it’s this that affects the glass. Opting for a stylish wall-mounted dedicated bathroom mirror will not only look attractive it gives you less to keep clean (always a plus)!

Shower Shenanigans!

If you are going for a full on bathroom renovation, have you perhaps considered building an actual shower area? In this instance, size is an issue as you will require ample space and flooring will need to be thoroughly investigated to suit the purpose. Drainage must be carried out correctly via professional advice. TOP TIP: Fitting a ceiling mounted rain shower head or a high wall-mounted showerhead will splash less water thus keeping the outer shower area dryer.

Lovely Lighting!

A decent lighting effect creates the entire ambiance within the bathroom making it a highly important factor during the renovation process. Requiring some thought, there is a number of questions to ask during this process. Is there much natural daylight? Are you looking to create a mood with your lighting? Are there particular features you wish to enhance? Whilst LED Waterspring are ideal for shedding light down the walls sitting behind baths and showers, a well placed sconce by the mirror will offer no shadows. Dimmers are a must, creating the perfect mood.

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