Triton Showers Buying Guide

The Triton Story

Triton was born as Triton Aquatherm Ltd back in 1975, manufacturing a single shower in a garage in Warwickshire. Twelve years later, in the late 1980’s Triton had achieved sales in excess of two million shower units into UK homes.

The success of Triton can be attributed to their approach to research and design, as well as their attention to detail within the manufacturing process. Ensuring that only quality components are used, which are then expertly assembled into shower units.

Why Choose Triton?

  • Every single Triton Shower benefits from a full Triton Parts and Labour guarantee against both mechanical and electrical defects. Every single shower that leaves the factory is fully tested.
  • A team of advisors and engineers are always on hand, helping support your shower and you through the time in which you own it.
  • All of the Triton Showers are designed and built in the UK.
  • Triton Showers have been designed with ease of install in use.
  • Triton are a very charitable company, supporting Zoe’s Place.


Triton Electric Showers

Triton design and manufacture a range of thermostatic, and non-thermostatic electric showers. The model range is comprised of multiple versions of each model, which vary in how powerful they are. The higher the wattage, the higher the more water that can be heated, and sent through the shower head at any one time.

The best seller within the range at The Shower Doctor is the Triton T80z 8.5Kw Electric Shower. It’s received universal five star reviews from our customers, and is the product of thirty years development in the UK’s favourite electric shower – the Triton T80.

The T80z usually retails at £231.19 and we supply this shower at just £113.99. That’s 51% off RRP.

Triton T80z 8.5Kw Electric Shower

Triton Power Showers

Power Showers supply far more water than electric showers do, almost trebling water supply. Delivering one of the most satisfying showering experiences, they are great for homes with a good level of water pressure. Triton manufactures a relatively small range of power showers which vary in price from £160 to £570. All Triton showers have clean simple lines, and are household classics.

By far the best selling power shower from the range is the Triton As2000xt Thermostatic Power Shower. Usually retailing at £442.30, we have discounted this shower by 63% bringing it to market at just £163.19.

Triton As2000xt Thermostatic Power Shower

Triton Mixer Showers

Triton mixer showers operate by mixing hot and cold water from your homes water supplies, combined – they deliver water at your required temperature. Triton manufacture both domestic and commercial mixer showers which are used in everything from gyms to prisons, and schools.

The bestselling Triton mixer shower we supply is the Triton Avon Unichrome. This Edwardian inspired mixer shower adds a touch of period elegance into any bathroom. There’s also a ceramic lever which controls flow and a voluptuous cross head dial which adjusts temperature.

Usually, this shower retails at £523.63 and we have discounted that price by 36% to bring it to market at just £334.31.

Triton Avon Unichrome

Triton Bath Shower Mixers

Bath shower mixers include a shower handset, wall bracket as well as a mixer unit which also serves as a bath filler. There’s not a huge amount of bath shower mixers available from Triton, making choosing the best seller within the range very easy. It’s the Triton Aire Unichrome Bath Mixer. Arriving with a five year guarantee, this shower has been discounted from £411.53 down to £304.82. That’s a saving of 26%.

Triton Aire Unichrome Bath Mixer

Triton & The Shower Doctor

At The Shower Doctor, we are the UK’s number one supplier of both showers & shower spares. Dominating the shower spares market means that we have also built up an in depth knowledge of shower reliability, understanding the quality of each and every shower we supply. Always confident in supplying Triton to our customers, we offer excellent discounts on all Triton models – which also are supplied with a comprehensive and long Triton guarantee.

You can follow this link to see our full range of Triton showers.

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