Troubleshooting Low Water Pressure - How to Increase Wa

Troubleshooting Low Water Pressure - How to Increase Water Pressure in Your Home

Low Water Pressure is one of the most frustrating things to have in your home and if you have ever experienced low water pressure, you will likely remember waiting ages for your bath to run, for the sink to fill up and most importantly, terrible showers. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to increase the water pressure in your home and below we will run through some of the reasons why you may be experiencing low water pressure in the first instance, and some actions you can take to increase shower water pressure.

The Whole Street has Low Water pressure

This is very common at peak times on large housing estates, when everybody comes home and runs a bath – your water suppliers infrastructure can struggle to cope. As an individual there is very little else you can do apart from inform the water supplier, it may be that your estate/area have organised a petition or campaign which you can become a part of. In the shorter term, you will benefit from the installation of a mains water pressure pump in your home.

The Street has Good Water Pressure

If your neighbours have good water pressure, and you don’t – it’s common sense that the problem lies with your plumbing systems. It may be that the pipes across your home need upgrading and increasing in diameter, old pipes can often become clogged up over the years. In this instance, it’s recommended that a plumber inspect the system. It’s also a possibility that there is a leak in your water pipes, these can often be difficult to detect and can have a drastic impact on water pressure, leaks are common place in areas with hard water.

Mains Water Pumps

If the above situations sound familiar to you, then your home would benefit from the addition of a Mains Water Pump. These pumps are incredibly popular and they constantly monitor the water supply which enters your home, when the water supply falls under the legal limit of twelve litres per minute, the pump kicks in and draws in more water. Our favourite is the Salamander HomeBoost which we supply at £279.98 –that’s 51% off RRP.
Salamander HomeBoost Mains Pump

Low Water Pressure in Shower

Many people choose to replace their shower when they suffer from low water pressure, quickly blaming the shower unit for poor performance. The first course of action is to replace an older shower pump, which can quickly and easily give your shower a new lease of life – whilst saving you money over replacing your full shower unit. To do this, you need to work out which Shower Pump is right for your shower – which can be done by just giving us a call. Below is a picture of one of our bestselling shower pumps, the Salamander ESP50CPV.
Salamander ESP50CPV Shower Pump

Bathroom Pumps

As well as shower Pumps, there is also a range of Bathroom Pumps which have been designed to increase the demand for water in your entire bathroom. These pumps effortlessly increase the water pressure to showers, baths, basins, toilets and appliances – making them perfect for use in kitchens and utility rooms. Typically they refill your toilet cistern in half the usual time.
One of our favourites is the Salamander CT80 2.6 bar Bathroom Pump, which can be seen below.
Salamander CT80 Pump

Any Questions?

At The Shower Doctor, our business has been built on the expert advice we provide to our customers. So if you have any questions about our products, or would like to discuss what products can help you with your water pressure in your home – then please do just get in touch and a member of our expert customer service team will be happy to help.

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