Upgrading & Replacing Your Shower Head, a Guide from th

Upgrading & Replacing Your Shower Head, a Guide from the Shower Doctor

If you find yourself running around in your shower trying to get wet, or have a clogged up old shower head with a poor flow rate, it’s likely time that you changed your Shower Head. Depending on the type of shower head you choose, changing the head can either be a DIY task, or a larger task which is best kept as part of wider bathroom refurbishments.  Below we will run you through a selection of our shower heads, in a few different categories.

Luxury Showers & Shower Heads

A carefully chosen luxury shower head, when attached to the right shower system can provide a massaging, immersive showering experience which allows you to leave the bathroom feeling relaxed, clean and ready to face the day. Working perfectly in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms, these shower heads use the very latest showering technology to provide a showering experience second to none.
Our favourite is the Crosswater Rio Revive LED Shower Head, which boasts a double waterfall feature. Oh, it’s also illuminated with LEDs which switch colour.

Shower Hand Set

The addition of a Shower Hand Set into your shower can make a huge difference, especially when it is used alongside a fixed shower head. The Bristan Prism Tubular Handset is one of our favourites, and combines high performance with contemporary styling.

Fixed Shower Heads

Fixed Shower Heads not only provide a brilliant ‘from above’ showering experience – they also look incredibly neat and tidy, and can be either attached to the wall or ceiling. A wide range of sizes, colours, finishes and shapes are available allowing you to achieve almost any look. One of the best value fixed heads within the range is the Ultra Square Shower Head.

Low Pressure Shower Heads

Low Pressure Shower Heads improve your showering experience by optimising and controlling the flow of water in your shower – delivering a more even and more powerful showering experience. Low Water Pressure Shower Heads however do have their limitations, and for those looking for better water pressure across their full home – the installation of a water pressure booster is advised.
The Crosswater Reflex 4 Spray is one of our most popular low water pressure shower heads, and we have had good feedback on the difference this shower head provides.

Eco Shower Head

A quick shower is usually more water efficient than having a bath, however some shower heads use a huge amount of water. If you want to reduce the amount of water you are using, and lower your bills in the process, then a range of Eco Shower Heads can help. They work by optimising and controlling the flow and spray pattern of the water, reducing overall consumption. One of our best sellers is the Mira logic 4 spray Eco Shower Head.

Budget Shower Heads

If you don’t demand too much from your shower, but need to change the shower head – you are also well catered for within our range. The Ultra 3 Universal Shower Handset for example fits all showers and is available at just over £4.

The Shower Doctor

At the Shower Doctor, there’s not much we don’t know about Showers. Starting life as one of the UK’s first Shower Repair Companies, we now stock and supply a massive range of Shower Parts, Spares and new Showers, as well as a wide range of bathroom products and accessories. So, if you have any questions about upgrading your current shower system – just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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