We love showers!

Here at the Shower Doctor, it's pretty obvious we're fans of what we do. In terms of what we think is the best way to get clean and start the day, the shower wins hands down.

Some people think we're a bit odd, but every so often we just can't help ourselves but rave about how great showers are. Here are some of the best things about standing under a gushing stream of water in our opinion:

They help you to wake up

The alarm clock goes off, it's Monday morning and once again the weekend flew past quicker than you thought it was possible for time to travel. You haven't slept for long enough and you've got to tackle a piece of work that you've been putting off for days. 

While this is most people's miserable experience at the beginning of a working week, jumping into a powerful and hot shower can help you to wake up, start the day well and take everything that your job throws at you in your stride. 

If you think we're deluded, just think back to an occasion one morning where you had either a cold shower or a glorified drip - or even both at the same time. Wasn't it one of the worst things ever? Have a look back at some of our tips to maintain your bathroom and shower to ensure this #FirstWorldProblem never creeps up on you when you least expect it to. 

They're not just for the mornings!

We realise we may be excluding the millions who can somehow get up and go to work without needing a shower to wake themselves up. So, are there many better things than coming home from a shift and jumping straight into the shower before heading out that evening? Or what about a shower just before you go to bed to make you feel wonderfully clean. This gets even better on those occasions when you can slip into freshly washed and dried pyjamas and clean bed sheets. Perfect. 

They're efficient

Following on from the above, we appreciate that you may have your morning routine nailed to a tee. We're creatures of habit and respond well in this way, plus it enables you to be as efficient as possible. 

And when it comes to getting clean - and let's face it, no one likes to be sitting next to someone who hasn't washed on a packed train - the shower is the most efficient way to do it. And doesn't it feel good to be productive? 

While baths are definitely relaxing and can really help you to unwind after a long day, we must admit the idea of stewing in our own filth doesn't always appeal to us. 

They're better for the environment

We live in an age where we're becoming more and more environmentally conscious of our actions. Figures from Unilever suggest an eight-minute shower uses 62 litres of hot water - notably fewer than a typical bath's 80 litres. In addition to this, you could easily shave a minute or two off your shower time to consume even less water if you're really trying to cut your monthly bills. 

They save space in your bathroom

If your bathroom is a little on the cosy side, then a shower is a really good space-saving investment. As it takes no where near the same space as a bath does, it means you have more space left over for the other essentials and can help to make your bathroom feel a bit bigger.

There's so many possibilities

Depending on the way your house is built, there are lots of different types of showers that you can choose from. Whether it's simple but effective, or uber fancy and on-trend, we're pretty sure you'll be able to find the one you want. 

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