Weird bathroom accessories

When you're decorating your home, you'll want to add a few touches that make it unique and personal to you. Whether it's a certain colour you like, a specific artist's work you want to put up on the walls or a cool range of gadgets, it's important to take this time to make it feel homely.

This can obviously be extended to the bathroom and so we've found some of the more peculiar accessories that you could use to spruce up this room of the house - but be warned, they may not be to everyone's liking!

Waterproof notepad

How many times have you been thinking through your life or trying to sort out your day in the shower when, all of a sudden, inspiration strikes. You work out a way to resolve a certain dilemma or you think up a great idea for the title of your next blog piece. However, you're stuck in the shower and painfully aware that your memory isn't the most reliable. 

Enter the waterproof notepad. With 40 perforated sheets, you can instantly jot down your brainwave and creative brilliance before the brain cells disappear. This saves you the conundrum of whether or not to rush out the shower, hoping no one will see you as you scarper down the hall in a towel, potentially getting expensive devices wet en route to a precious pen and paper. Sorted. 

LED heat-sensitive shower light

One of the most distressing things in life is having a cold shower when you don't want one. Sure, after a boiling hot day or an intense workout, a dash of cold water is welcomed - but those are the only times. Picture the scene - you get up on a freezing November morning and rely on the warmth of the shower to perk you up. Except the water's not warmed up and it's horrible. 

Some clever folks have invented an LED heat-sensitive shower light to prevent this ever happening. When you turn on the water, it'll be bright blue - but when it gets to a certain temperature, it'll turn red to let you know it's warm and waiting for you to jump in. How cool?

Microphone-shaped sponge

Let's face it, we all like to sing in the shower. There's even some scientific explanation as to why we sound better. But haven't you noticed there's something missing? What if you were to have a microphone-shaped sponge? 

This way, the two most important things - singing and getting clean - can be done with the same object! Whichever way round you want to do it is your choice - but go for it and imagine you're centre stage at the Brit awards. 

Toilet seat heater

Sometimes sitting on the toilet can be cold - you can't deny that. Why not eradicate this miserable feeling with a toilet seat heater? Think of it like an electric blanket but for the toilet. You'll never want to get up and carry on with your day. 

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