What is a Mixer Shower?

At the Shower Doctor, we pride ourselves in stocking and supplying a fantastic range of showers and shower parts online - all of which represent excellent value for money, quality and performance. Understanding the shower market inside out, our teams are able to recommend the perfect shower for your requirements, whilst saving you some money in the process.

Being so immersed in the world of showering however, it’s important that we remember not all homeowners and buyers of showers know exactly what they are buying, and which shower is right for their exact requirements.

One of the most popular types of shower we supply, are mixer showers. These showers blend hot & cold water within the shower unit itself - so by the time it leaves the shower head, the water is at your desired temperature. Working with your hot and cold water supplies directly, these showers are able to produce a higher water pressure vs an electric shower, one to bear in mind when selecting your next shower.

The most popular type of mixer shower that we supply, is undoubtedly a thermostatic mixer shower. Thermostatic mixer showers are perfect for all households, but especially those with young and older residents. Safety and comfort are the key priorities of the design of a mixer shower, as the system is continuously monitoring and measuring the temperature of the water within the shower, making adjustments to ensure that the chosen, safe temperature comes out of the shower head. This system ensures that if another member of the household turns on a cold tap downstairs or in another room, the person in the shower is not scalded by hot water.

Below, we run through some of our personal favourite mixer showers

Bristan Regency 2 Thermostatic Surface Mounted Shower

This Shower is one of the newest Mixer Showers from the Shower giant Bristan. Instantly one of our most popular mixer showers, it boasts a beautiful classic design and comes with a five year warranty. It also has a thermostatic system for added safety and is finished in Chrome.

Bristan Regency 2 Thermostatic Surface Mounted Shower with Adjustable Riser

Gainsborough Ambassador Exposed/Recessed Combi Thermostatic Mixer with Shower Kit

The Gainsborough mixer showers combine the very best of contemporary design, with reliability and high performance. This model has been specifically designed to work with combi boilers and has an exposed valve and pipework, which looks excellent in any bathroom. Thermostatically controlled, it adjusts the incoming water to ensure that a reliable, safe temperature s provided without any fluctuations. This shower also boasts a two year guarantee.

Gainsborough Ambassador Exposed/Recessed Combi Mixer with Shower Kit

Bristan Sonique 2 Thermostatic Surface Mounted Shower

This small, contemporary shower valve is perfect for small showering spaces in smaller bathrooms and en-suites. Not sacrificing any performance in its small sizes, it features thermostatic performance to TMV2 level for safe, comfortable showering. It arrives with a single function handset, an adjustable fixing bracket for easy installation as well as a concealing plate and adjustable inlet elbows.

Bristan Sonique 2 Thermostatic Surface Mounted Shower with Adjustable Riser

Inta Infiniti Thermostatic Concealed Shower

Not surprisingly, this is our most popular premium mixer shower. As well as its striking, contemporary looks – it’s one of the highest performing showers we supply, with an operating range from 0.4 to 5 bar, it uses thermal cartridge technology and a WRAS and TMV2 approved shower valves. It’s also suitable for use with combi boilers, gravity and mains pressure systems. Its rainfall shower head provides a luxury, immersive showering experience

Inta Infiniti Thermostatic Concealed Shower

Vado Majestic Traditional Exposed Thermostatic Shower

This traditional mixer shower combines the ultimate in luxury showering and traditional style. The kit boasts a shower head, as well as a handset and boasts a thermostatic valve for safe and comfortable showering. Its chrome finish looks excellent, and the exposed mixer valve makes this shower incredibly easy to clean. It also comes with a twelve year guarantee.

Vado Majestiq Traditional Exposed Thermostatic 3/4 Shower Valve

Mixer showers from The Shower Doctor

If you have any questions about the right shower for your home, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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