Why sometimes a plumber is the best person for the job

While there's probably at least a little DIY in all of us, sometimes it's a good idea to recognise where your limitations lie and hand the job over to a professional.

That's not to say that, in the case of carrying out work on your bathroom, you should never consider taking a step into the unknown and giving it a go yourself. In fact, there's plenty to be said for DIY - not least the possibility of saving a heap of cash and getting that well-deserved sense of achievement and pride when you finally finish what you set out to do.

However, there are occasions when you can justifiably take the 'lazy' route and give your local plumber a call to carry out the work for you. Here are a few reasons why:

Sometimes, it's cheaper

Believe it or not, it could sometimes cost less to hire a professional than it might be to do it yourself. 

While these situations are admittedly quite rare, it's certainly worth weighing up how much you think you'll end up spending on materials and tools before you decide what to do. On occasions, it could well be worth hiring a plumber on the basis of how much it would cost to otherwise get access to the equipment needed to complete the job.

Another consideration here is whether or not you feel there's any chance you may end doing more harm than good if you choose the DIY route. You certainly wouldn't be alone if a miscalculation ends up with a burst water pipe - or worse - that then needs to be added to the to-do list.

It can be safer

This is probably the most obvious reason why you might want to hand the reins over to a professional. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, around 220,000 DIY enthusiasts turn up to casualty every year with injuries they've sustained while doing jobs around the house.

However, those ailments might not always be as inconsequential as a few scrapes and bruises - particularly in the bathroom where you could be working alongside the potentially lethal combination of water and electricity.

This is a situation where you are definitely better off admitting when you don't entirely know what you're doing, rather than using guesswork and possibly putting yourself at risk. 

Just make sure your plumber has the proper certifications before you hire them - as unfortunately there are still those out there who will do a botch job and still happily take your cash!

You can learn first-hand how to do it yourself next time

If you're the kind of person who needs to see first-hand how to do a job, then it's unlikely that books, online guides or videos will help you with your DIY aspirations.

When this is the case, it could be a worthwhile investment to call in the professional and watch how they work, asking questions along the way. 

Obviously not every plumber will appreciate this approach - especially if they want to get the work done quickly - so it could be worth asking whether or not they mind you being around in close proximity as they go about their tasks.

The opportunity to ask a pro any questions that spring to mind about why or how they are plying their trade could be invaluable and save you money in the long term, providing you then feel comfortable to do it yourself next time around.

It's quicker

Have you ever started a DIY job full of hope, only for that enthusiasm to gradually be ground down by the necessity to work late into the night after coming home from the day job to get it finished?

Sometimes, it can be incredibly challenging just to find the time - meaning a task that should only take a couple of days ends up dragging on for weeks as you try to fit it around your hectic schedule.

This reason is probably the most persuasive when it comes to why you should hire a professional - as there's much to be said for leaving a plumber to get on with it while you're in the office, doing the shopping or are otherwise engaged.

As well as not feeling as though your house has been turned upside for a lengthy period of time, there's also the convenience factor, as it can get a bit tiresome of not having a shower - or even a bathroom altogether - for more than a few days.

There's less risk of you doing long-term damage

When it comes to DIY, it's important to know your limitations. This not only applies to your knowledge of how to do the job, but also your capability of carrying the work out to an acceptable standard.

For example, failing to properly grout an area you have recently tiled can have potentially devastating results if it means that the wall behind it will be exposed to water from your shower, as this can lead to damp and rotting timber.

This long-term damage can be expensive to set right and can even result in you having to redo all of your hard work anyway, so if you aren't comfortable you have the relevant skills to improve your bathroom, then it's probably worth handing it over to someone who does.

Of course, if the problem is just to do with your shower, our Shower Pump and Repair Service is available to anyone who wants to bypass their plumber. While it's still not do it yourself, it is perhaps the next best thing!

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