WPC launches research database

The plumbing industry is set to benefit from a new global resource that will enable all members of the sector to work together to overcome common challenges.

A new research database has been unveiled by the World Plumbing Council (WPC), which will allow users to check up on what is happening across the world in relation to plumbing and other water supply-related issues.

It's hoped that the tool can be used to help interested organisations and individuals collaborate over and learn about various research projects taking place in specialised areas.

The database also has a feature that lets users put forward their own ideas and recommendations for future topics of study, with the idea that this will help researchers focus their efforts into finding out what those who will use the information actually want to know.

Furthermore, the WPC hopes this resource will reduce duplication of research efforts, resulting in a more efficient global effort in compiling data for the plumbing sector. 

WPC chairman Sudhakaran Nair said: "This is a fantastic initiative and I commend all involved in its development. It provides a unique research portal for individuals, industry associations and manufacturers across the world to access and upload valuable research information."

The primary users of the database are expected to range from manufacturers and industry associations to academic researchers, students and government entities.

However, the ultimate success of the project will depend entirely on how often people see fit to use it. The website is similar to Wikipedia in that it can be used by anyone without them having to download software, so anyone can upload new material when they see fit. In order for it to flourish, as many people need to get involved as possible.

Pete DeMarco, who worked on the WPC database, said that he was "excited about the availability" of the project, and hoped it could work towards creating a platform where researchers can collaborate in a much easier fashion.

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