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Featured Article Is a Hot Shower Really Bad for Your Skin? It’s a fact of life that most things we enjoy, are investigated by an expert and are found to be bad for us. Think about it - alcohol, red meat, sunshine, sugar, salt, caffeine and now – even hot showers are found to be bad for us. As the experts in all things shower related, we thought it was only fair that we covered the subject. Read more...
Featured Article Six Showering Mistakes You are Probably Making It’s highly likely that you have been showering your entire life, whether it’s at school, the gym, at home or at work – we are pretty sure that you don’t give the way that you shower too much of a second thought and that you will at least, be ‘ found guilty’ of one of the following mistakes we have recognised below. Read more...
Featured Article Benefits of cold showers: The Shower Doctor evaluation Whether it’s recommended by books, athletes, business gurus or wellness coaches – there’s a huge amount of press and positive attention given to taking cold showers. Read more...
Featured Article Best Power Showers: Shower Doctor's Best Sellers & Advice Power Showers are some of our most popular products here at The Shower Doctor, and they are the perfect addition to bathrooms large and small – delivering a reliable, great shower experience. Read more...
Featured Article Bristan Showers: The Shower Doctors' Best Sellers & Advice Bristan are the UK experts in both taps & showers. Over the last four decades, they have become one of the biggest suppliers of Showers in the UK and they estimate that a quarter of all UK households have either a Bristan Tap or Shower. Read more...
Featured Article Bar Mixer Showers: Shower Doctor Best Sellers Bar Mixer Showers are a common sight in hotels and homes across the UK. All of the showers controls such as flow, temperature and diverters are all in the Bar Mixer Valve – making them not only incredibly easy to use – but also very compact Read more...
Featured Article New Right Pump Range Releases from Salamander, in Stock Now Salamander are one of the most innovative companies we work with, and that’s why we are proud to have been chosen to stock and supply their new ‘Right Pump’ range. Read more...
Featured Article Understanding Home Water Systems & Shower Performance Before undertaking any plumbing, bathroom or appliance changes in your home – it’s important that you understand what water system your home operates. Read more...
Featured Article Which type of shower should I buy? When choosing the most suitable shower for your home there are a few important factors that you need to take in to consideration before you choose the type of shower you want. Read more...
Featured Article 6 Tips to Cut Down Your Water Bills Every home owner wants to do what they can to cut down on their monthly bills and by making some small changes to your habits you can help to reduce your water bills leaving you with some extra cash in your pocket at the end of each month. Read more...
Featured Article Electric Shower Problems: 5 most common faults (and what causes them) Here at The Shower Doctor, everyday we receive emails and phone calls from people that have faults with their electric shower, so what we are about to do here is run through the top 5 faults with electric showers and give you some idea of where to look to find where the problem is with the shower. Read more...
Featured Article Top Five Tips for Bathroom Renovation Top Five Tips for Bathroom Renovation Read more...
Featured Article Repair Your Morning Routine! The best way to plan is to make a list of all the things you need to do before you leave the house in the morning. Do you need to get your clothes ready? Do you need to prepare lunch for yourself or the kids? Do you eat breakfast before you go out? How much time needs to be allocated for spending in the shower and will there be a queue for the bathroom? Read more...
Featured Article The Shower Doctor Surgery: How to replace a shower head Replacing a shower head is a very simple job, but there are a few things you need to know first. You can purchase your new shower head from Read more...
Featured Article Things you wanted to know about showers (but were afraid to ask) - Infographic We often take showering for granted, but there’s been plenty of research to show showers can still surprise us every now and then. Do you know how often we shower? Do you know how much it costs us? Find this out, along with some other surprising shower facts in our infographic... Read more...

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The Shower Doctor Surgery: How to replace carbon motor brushes
The latest in our series of how-to guides shows you how to replace your shower's carbon motor brush. Buy your shower spares and parts from
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The Shower Doctor Surgery: Testing a heating tank element inside an electric shower
Testing the heating tank element inside your electric shower could help you understand why it's not working properly. Check out our how-to guide for more details.
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The Shower Doctor Surgery: How to replace an inlet clamp inside a Mira Sport electric shower
Our latest how to guide walks you through replacing a Mira Sport electric shower's inlet clamp. Get all the shower parts you need from
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Plumbing industry urged to save the date for 'must attend' event
The date has been set for 2015's BMA annual conference.
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Plumbing firms told to 'act now' for training grant
Plumbing businesses can now apply for APHC training grants, but they're only available to the first 100 applicants.
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The Shower Doctor: What our customers are saying
If you've never used us before, find out why so many people choose the Shower Doctor for all their shower parts and spares.
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The Shower Doctor Surgery: Resetting the temperature on a Gummers 1500 valve
Find out how to reset the temperature on a Gummers 1500 style valve in our how to guide. For more info on shower DIY, subscribe to The Shower Doctor YouTube channel.
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Can not showering every day actually be good for you?
Is it better for you if you don't take a shower every day?
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How often do you take a shower?
New research reveals Brits do not wash for 111 days each year.
Posted by
Why a cold shower could be good for your health
Research suggests having a cold shower could have surprising benefits.
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Are you too shy to ask for your plumber's qualifications?
A new study is hoping to identify how members of the public can protect themselves better against rogue traders.
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The Shower Doctor: What our customers are saying
Don't take our word for how good we are - take a look at the feedback we receive on our TrustPilot review page.
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Plumbers 'among country's most trusted tradespeople'
People in the plumbing trade have been voted the friendliest in a study comparing the manners of all handymen and women in the UK.
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Resolve not to fall victim to plumbing problems this new year
Taking care of a few basic plumbing essentials could be a new year's resolutions everyone can succeed in.
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