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Bristan prism dual

This question is regarding Bristan Brass Thermostatic Cartridge (not threaded) - CART 06734B

Hi, I have a Bristan Prism Dual recessed shower. It was in when I bought the property so has probably been installed for the past 10 years. The tenants are complaining that the shower isn't very warm so was thinking the cartridge needs replacing as the water in the taps remains hot.

I have contacted Bristan on 2 separate occasions and they have told me the cartridge for my shower is Cart 06734B.

I now have the new cartridge but I am unable to get the old cartridge out. From what I can see the old cartridge look identical to 06734B but I cannot figure out how to get it out. I have attached images but what looks like. Retaining nut holding the cartridge in is in fact part of the main show value body. I had trained and adjustable spanner, a box spanner and unfortunately a previous plumber tried an angle grinder assuming it also was a nut.

Looking at the images can you tell me if the push in cartidge was ever fully integrated in Bristan showers at one point or if there is another way of getting these out without a retaining nut? ...Or is these as different cartridge altogether?

Thanks in advance,

Asked 3 years ago by Paul Okesola
You do have the correct cartridge and yes there is a nut.

We have also had problems getting these things off, as I believe that they are fitted by machine and also the brass is very soft.
We have tried soaking the area with WD 40 for a couple of days and this has sometimes helped.

Sometimes the removal of the nut can result in a damaged body , thus negating the effort needed in its removal , and requiring a new shower to be fitted.

I hope that you have luck with the WD 40.
Answered 3 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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