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Bristan Carre Exposed Fixed Head Bar Shower with Diverter & Kit Shower Spares

Bristan Bristan Carre Exposed Fixed Head Bar Shower with Diverter & Kit Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
1 BRIST-C00030-004 Bristan Shower Arm 20.6mm Diameter for CR SHXDIVFF Chrome C00030-004 Discontinued
2 BRIST-P17901 Bristan Shower Rose 200mm Diameter for CR S P17901 Discontinued
3 BRIST-B36125-BRACKET ASS Bristan Top Bracket Assembly CR SHXDIVFF Chrome B36125-BRACKET ASS Discontinued
4 BRIST-M50020-035 Bristan Slider CR SHXDIV Chrome M50020-035 Discontinued
6 BRIST-HOSE107 C Bristan 1.5m Shower Hose (Chrome Plated) - HOSE107 C View Replacement
7 BRIST-C00010-006 Bristan Riser Rail 20.6mm diameter for CR SHXDIVFF Chrome C00010-006 Discontinued
8 BRIST-B36125-SEAL KIT ASS Bristan Seal Kit Assembly Discontinued
9 BRIST-B36125-TM HANDLE ASS Bristan Temperature Handle Assembly for CR SHXDIVFF Chrome B36125-TM HANDLE ASS Discontinued
11 BRIST-B36125-002 Bristan Cartridge Retaining Nut CR SHXDIV Chrome B36125-002 £9.59 +
12 BRIST-E10009 Bristan Thermostatic Cartridge CR SHXDIV/FF E10009 £111.95 +
13 BRIST-B36125-HOSE OUTLET Bristan Hose Outlet Assembly for CR SHXDIVFF Chrome B36125-HOSE OUTLET Discontinued
14 BRIST-E20209 Bristan Carre Bar Mixer Flow Valve - E20209 £17.99 +
15 BRIST-B30230-005 Bristan Fixing Cover CR SHXDIV/FF Chrome B30230-005 £4.70 +
16 BRIST-B36125-FLOW HANDLE ASS Bristan Flow Control Handle Assembly for CR SHXDIVFF Chrome B36125-FLOW HANDLE ASS Discontinued
17 BRIST-B36125-NUT RETAINER ASS Bristan Back Nut Retainer Assembly for CR SHXDIVFF Chrome B36125-NUT RETAINER ASS Discontinued
18 BRIST-B36125-CHECKVALVE FILTER Bristan Check Valve, Filter & O Ring Assembly B36125-CHECKVALVE FILTER £2.47 +
19 BRIST-WMNT10 C Bristan Wall Mount Fixings Kit Chrome Plated WMNT10 C £56.38 +
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