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Bristan Quadrato Thermostatic Surface Mounted Shower Valve with Diverter Chrome Shower Spares

Bristan Bristan Quadrato Thermostatic Surface Mounted Shower Valve with Diverter Chrome Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
1 BRIST-B30235-BRACKET ASS Bristan Top Bracket Assembly QD SHXDIV Chrome B30235-BRACKET ASS Discontinued
2 BRIST-31C00033-005-CA1 Bristan Quadrato Shower Arm Chrome 31C00033-005-CA1 Discontinued
3 BRIST-81P22200-000-001 Bristan Quadrato Shower Rose Chrome 81P22200-000-001 Discontinued
4 BRIST-81P60901-000-001 Bristan Handset Chrome QD SHXDIV / SHXDIVFF 81P60901-000-001 Discontinued
5 BRIST-82M50150-000-CA1 Bristan Shower Slider chrome - 212552 Asmara 82M50150-000-CA1 Discontinued
6 BRIST-31C00033-007-CA1 Bristan Quadrato Riser Rail Chrome 31C00033-007-CA1 Discontinued
6 BRIST-31C00020-007-CA1 Bristan Oval Riser Rail Chrome 31C00020-007-CA1 Discontinued
8 BRIST-B30235-CONNECTOR Bristan Shroud & Crank Connector QD SHXDIV Chrome B30235-CONNECTOR Discontinued
9 BRIST-B30235-NUT RETAINER ASS Bristan Back Nut Retainer Assembly QD SHXDIV Chrome B30235-NUT RETAINER ASS Discontinued
10 BRIST-B30235-SEAL KIT ASS Bristan Seal Kit Assembly Discontinued
11 BRIST-B30235-FILTER Bristan Basket Filter & O-Ring Assembly QD SHXDIV Chrome B30235-FILTER £4.70 +
12 BRIST-B30235-FLOW HANDLE ASS Bristan Flow Handle Assembly QD SHXDIV Chrome B30235-FLOW HANDLE ASS Discontinued
15 BRIST-B30235-HOSE OUTLET Bristan Hose Outlet QD SHXDIV Chrome B30235-HOSE OUTLET Discontinued
16 BRIST-81E10004-000-001 Bristan Oval/Quadrato Thermostatic Cartridge - 81E10004-000-001 £91.99 +
17 BRIST-11B30230-002-CA1 Bristan Ol/Qd Shxsmff Temp Indicator R - 11B30230-002-Ca1 £5.05 +
17 BRIST-32B30230-005-CA1 Bristan Retaining Nut - 212552 Asmara 32B30230-005-CA1 £4.70 +
18 BRIST-B30235-TM HANDLE ASS Bristan Temperature Handle Assembly QD SHXDIV Chrome B30235-TM HANDLE ASS Discontinued
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