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Leaking from between body and handle

This question is regarding Bristan T/Static Push-In Brass Cartrid - Cart 06732Compl

I have had this happen today as well as in the past have but then just replaed the whole cartridge after trying to replace just the seals didn't work. It fixed the problem but was expensive!
Today the seals were all perfect and in place, so why is it sparying extra water between those parts when turned on?
Other problems have occurred with this shower in the past with regards to temperature control which has again resulted in 2 new cartridges - more expense. The same cartridge in the downstairs shower has only had 1 problem in years. This one = 4 !!
Does this cartridge from Bristan have known failure problems? I am very fed up and the bank balance is suffering!

Asked 4 years ago by T Tomlinson
As you are now doubtless aware it can be a bit tricky to get the seals in place as they have a tendency to roll back and out of position and that’s all I can think as the reason for it leaking.

Perhaps you can send me a video of the leak cartridge etc to see if we can spot any reason for you having continued problems.

Do you know what your water pressure is? You can phone your local water board and ask.

Answered 4 years ago by George Thomson
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