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Dual control brass thermostatic cartridge with ceramic disc valve used in many Bristan shower mixers, which is also known as the CART5.


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Product Description

Dual control brass thermostatic cartridge with ceramic disc valve used in many Bristan shower mixers, which is also known as the CART5.

  • GTIN: 5014868996745

Important Information


This cartridge replaces the CART5 and also is used in the Tivolli & Tivolli II shower

Instructions for the Bristan Thermostatic Cartridge: see diagram above.

Cartridge Removal

  1. First remove the temperature control handle. See relevant detailed procedure below.
    Osborne Art Deco
    Unscrew the indice assembly (17), unscrew the retaining screw (19) and pull the handle (9) off the spindle.
    Unscrew the indice cap (15), unscrew the retaining screw (19) remove the ring (14) and pull the handle (9) off the spindle.
    Remove the plug (13), unscrew the retaining grubscrew (12) and pull the handle(9) off the spindle.
    Unscrew and remove the handle spindle (11), unscrew the retaining grubscrew(10) and pull the handle (9) off the spindle.
    Pisa, Orta
    Remove the indice (16), unscrew the retaining screw (19) and pull the handle (9) off the spindle.
  2. To remove flow control-handle (8), remove circlip (18) and pull off.
  3. Remove the two screws and washers (7), the retaining ring (6) and the slip ring(5).
  4. To remove cartridge (3) pull forward from shower body (1).

Fitting replacement Cartridge

  1. Ensure that the ceramic disc valve (2) (flow adjustment) is in the off / closed position.
  2. Grease the seals with silicon grease and carefully refit the cartridge into the body.
  3. Refit the slip ring (5) and the retaining ring (6) using screws and washers (7).
    NB: Please note that the retaining ring (6) should be positioned so that the cartridge has the required 90 degrees of anti-clockwise movement to its open position. If the slots in the ring do not line up with the holes in the body, remove the cartridge and turn it by the required amount and refit.
  4. Refit the flow control handle (8) in the desired 'off' position and fit circlip (18).
  5. 5) Before refitting temperature control handle reset the Maximum Temperature following the 'Thermotech cartridge commissioning procedure in section 3.

Setting maximum temperature

  1. Turn on the water supplies and fully open the flow control, let the water run long enough to ensure that the hot water supply is at its maximum temperature.
  2. First operate the temperature spindle (4) to the extremes of its rotation using the temperature handle if necessary. To set cartridge to desired temperature turn the spindle anti-clockwise to increase the temperature and clockwise to reduce it.
  3. Refit the temperature control handle by reversing the procedures in section 1 ensuring the stop pin n the handle is at the maximum temperature position.

PLEASE NOTE:  If the cartridge is difficult to remove!

Do not try to unscrew the cartridge

Remove the front plate with the two Allen screws the cartridge should just pull out.



If not remove the plug from the body (Opposite side from the hose) you should then be able to get a screwdriver in underneath the cartridge and lever it forward and out.

You can also remove the two inlet elbows this will allow you to get two screwdrivers in to the rear of the cartridge to lever it forward.

Finally if it is a surface mounted valve and you can’t get to the plug or inlet elbows.

Remove the front plate with the two Alan screws, then reassemble the knobs loosely you should then be able to fit two screwdrivers in behind the knobs and lever them forward against the valve body

Service Instructions: Click Here

Product Specification

  • Diameter: 42.2mm
  • Length: 133.7mm
  • Material: Brass
  • Orings: 4

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