EEEEsy, Efficient (Cost), Effective (Works) and Excellent (Quality)

Reviewed 11 years ago by Harry Stephens
EEEzy, or easy, it matters not. Adding the postage it took the cost of these brushes (now officially obsolete) to about 10% of the cost of a not quite as good product. These have now extended the life of my Supajet Bodyline shower and saved me the cost of a new shower and the associated installation charges which would probably have doubled the cost before any tiling accidents are taken into consideration.

Product video shows how simple it is to fit the product and is a fair reflection. Fiddly but that is acceptable. Truly cost effective, efficient and an excellent replacement product.

I do not normally write review because it takes a lot to impress me. Saving this much money and enabling me to keep a shower product that I have yet to experience an equivalent to in a domestic environment is awesome, not just fab.

Harry Stephens

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