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AQ 3083 Valve

This question is regarding Crosswater Ib Thermo On/Off Cartridge Cold - Aq3083

Hi I ordered the replacement alternate for this flow valve as it appeared to have the same spindle structure as the original, however it a completely different size.

I attach a couple of pictures of the original valve and you'll see there is quite a difference old one is 40mm diameter whilst the replacement is 24mm.
The spindle length is correct at 80mm
Do you have any suggestions maybe a different Flow valve the X2A044N-1 appears to be the right diameter but does not have the spindle length, are there extension pieces available?
Let me know

Asked 2 years ago by Neil Martin

This is the item shown in your pictures.
Answered 2 years ago by Barrie Seabright

No it is not the same, the item shown in my picture has a 40mm diameter and an 80mm spindle. The Spindle construct was similar to the AQ3083 hence reason I thought the AQ8083 was correct replacement.

However AQ 8083 is only 20mm in diameter so too small.

The flow valve you show is the right Diameter but the spindle length is only 60mm so I wondered if there was such a thing as an extension piece that could be added to the spindle to make it 80mm in length.

Are you aware of anything that might solve this problem, thanks

Answered 2 years ago by Neil Martin

The above is a flow valve , not a diverter as shown in your picture.

The above has a diameter of 40mm, and the brass part of the spindle is 60mm.

If this is not the same as your cartridge, then we do not have a spare that is similar.

If you can send a picture of the whole shower we can send it around the manufacturers to see if anyone recognizes it.

Answered 2 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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