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CR101C thermostat

This question is regarding Crosswater Thermo Cartridge For Bel_Mini - Cr101c

How do i fit thCR101C thermostat, it will go in so far, but not enough to get the grub screw in and even if i take the bottom part off it still won't go in.


Asked 3 years ago by Brian Sampson
Have you got all of the old one out?

It wont be the first time that the bottom section of the old cartridge id stuck in the valve, try comparing the old and new cartridges when they are both out of the shower.

Answered 3 years ago by George Thomson
Hi thanks for your reply.
Yes I had got all of the old cartridge out. The new one needed a lot of force to push in, but I eventually did it and the shower is working fine now.
Answered 3 years ago by Brian Sampson
If this item will not fit , it may be the wrong cartridge.

If you can send a couple of pictures of the cartridges, old and new , together , and a picture of the whole shower, then we may find an alternative.
Answered 3 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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