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Deva Imperial Bath Shower Mixer Shower Spares

Deva Deva Imperial Bath Shower Mixer Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
1 DEVA-IMP05-01 Deva Body(spout Glued) IMP05-01 Discontinued
2 DEVA-CR20-03 Deva Glan Valve CR20-03 Discontinued
3 DEVA-M22x1 Diverter Deva Diverter M22x1 Diverter Discontinued
4 DEVA-IMP02-04 Deva Classic Style Handle IMP02-04 Discontinued
5 DEVA-IMP02-05-01 Deva Indice Holder M24x1 IMP02-05-01 Discontinued
6 DEVA-IMP02-05-02 Deva Indice(ceramic)(1xhot&1xcold) IMP02-05-02 Discontinued
7 DEVA-M24 Indice Holder Deva Indice Holder Mount M24 Indice Holder Discontinued
8 DEVA-M28x1-3_4 BSP Connector Deva M28x1 To 3/4 Bsp Connector M28x1-3_4 BSP Connector Discontinued
9 DEVA-AS568A-022 Deva 23.52mm O-ring AS568A-022 Discontinued
10 DEVA-Classic cradle - 02 Deva Cr23 Cradle Classic cradle - 02 Discontinued
11 DEVA-24 x 15 x 4 Seal Deva Seal 24 x 15 x 4 Seal Discontinued
12 DEVA-1in BSP Pillar nut Deva 1*bsp Piller Nut 1in BSP Pillar nut Discontinued
13 DEVA-24x31 seal washer Deva Seal Washer 24x31 seal washer Discontinued
14 DEVA-45deg angled pillar Deva Eccentric Pillar 45deg angled pillar Discontinued
15 DEVA-ET1 Deva watering can single function shower handset (White/Chrome) - ET1 View Replacement
16 DEVA-IMP05-10 Deva Imperial Style Diverter Lever IMP05-10 Discontinued
17 DEVA-IMP05-05 Deva Diverter Indice IMP05-05 Discontinued
18 DEVA-Tap - Indice holder Deva Indice Holder Tap - Indice holder Discontinued
21 DEVA-3_4BSP Pillar plate Deva 3/4 Bsp Threaded Pillar Plate 3_4BSP Pillar plate Discontinued
22 DEVA-3_4RS Deva 3/4 Rubber Seal 3_4RS Discontinued
23 DEVA-3_4PBN Deva 3/4 Bsp Backnut 3_4PBN Discontinued
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