tempertaure fluctuations

Hi, my shower is running off a combi boiler and when you turn it on after a few mins the temperrature goes from hot to very hot to cold then comes back to warm then hot and repeats this. could it be the thermostat in the shower unit? If so what part would need to be replaced? It cant be the boiler as the hot and cold bath taps run fine.
Asked 8 years ago by Anonymous

Regarding the temperature fluctuation or cool running, it could be a faulty cartridge. However to check this if you have the shower fed from a combi boiler, see if you can get hold of the hot supply pipe before it enters the shower or perhaps as it leaves the boiler.

If when holding this pipe the temperature fluctuates or goes cool, then the problem is not with the shower but more likely with the boiler, as the shower can only deliver what the boiler sends to it. 

Disregard the temperature at the taps as they have a different flow rate.

Answered 8 years ago by Anonymous

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