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Hi we have a Gainsborough Impulse 9.5 shower that isn't heating properly - we only get warm water if you have the shower set to a dribble.

As we aren't sure which part needs replacing we are considering replacing the whole shower. Could you confirm that the Heatrae Sadia Crystal 9.5KW will fit exactly over the plumbing and electrical inlets we have for our existing shower.

Also will we, as non qualified people, be able to do the swap easily ourselves?

Many thanks

Susan Bunce
Asked 12 years ago by Susan
Things to check regarding heating problems are as follows:

Check the micro switches supplying the elements are working ok
Check both elements are working properly
Check that the water control valve is not jammed and not letting the correct amount of water through.

As for the replacement shower the Heatrae Sadia Crytsal 9.5 is a suitable replacement.

It is always better to get a qualified person to install your new shower so that its fitted correctly to the manufacturers regulations. If your shower goes faulty after fitting due to incorrect installation then this will invalidate your warranty.

Answered 12 years ago by Anonymous

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