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Galaxy G6000 (Electric Shower) Shower Spares

Galaxy Galaxy G6000 (Electric Shower) Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
1 GALA-SO8000001 Galaxy Back Plate SO8000001 Discontinued
2 GALA-SG06004 Galaxy Thermal Cut Out (TCO) - SG06004 View Replacement
3 GALA-3230002 Galaxy Power Neon 3230002 Discontinued
4 GALA-3230003 Galaxy Overheat Neon 3230003 Discontinued
5 GALA-AO4000002 Galaxy Pressure Switch Base ((without Microswitch Assy) AO4000002 Discontinued
6 GALA-SG06002 Galaxy Microswitches Aqua 1000 - Sg06002 Discontinued
7 GALA-5800001 Galaxy Pressure Switch Spring 5800001 Discontinued
8 GALA-AO4000007 Galaxy Pressure Switch Assy AO4000007 Discontinued
9 GALA-5000001 Galaxy O Ring 6 X 2.62mm 5000001 Discontinued
10 GALA-SO3100003 Galaxy Flow Valve Stop Assy (includes 14x3mm O Ring) SO3100003 Discontinued
11 GALA-AO3000001 Galaxy Flow Valve With Stop Assy AO3000001 Discontinued
12 GALA-5000002 Galaxy 0 Ring 9x2mm 5000002 Discontinued
13 GALA-SO9020001 Galaxy Trim Plate SO9020001 Discontinued
14 GALA-AO3000005 Galaxy Pressure Relief Device AO3000005 Discontinued
15 GALA-6247035 Galaxy Copper Can 7kw 240v 6247035 Discontinued
16 GALA-6248040 Galaxy Copper Can 8kw 240v 6248040 Discontinued
17 GALA-2021004 Galaxy Element Clamp 2021004 Discontinued
18 GALA-3250002 Galaxy Terminal Block 3250002 Discontinued
19 GALA-AO9000005 Galaxy Cover Assy (includes Items 20 & 21) AO9000005 Discontinued
20 GALA-2011000 Galaxy Small Knob - Splined Shaft 2011000 Discontinued
21 GALA-2011001 Galaxy Large Knob - Spljned Shaft 2011001 Discontinued
N/I GALA-2040009 Galaxy Inlet Filter 2040009 Discontinued
N/I GALA-3131007 Galaxy Brown Wire 3x95mm (t.c.o. To Microswitch) 3131007 Discontinued
N/I GALA-3131008 Galaxy Brown Wire 3x150mm (element To Microswitch) 3131008 Discontinued
N/I GALA-3132001 Galaxy Blue Wire 3xl50mm (terminal Block To Element) 3132001 Discontinued
N/I GALA-3161004 Galaxy Brown Wire 6xl30mm (terminal Block To T.c.o.) 3161004 Discontinued
N/I GALA-5100006 Galaxy Hose Washer 5100006 Discontinued
N/I GALA-5500002 Galaxy Screw 6x25 5500002 Discontinued
N/I GALA-5500003 Galaxy Screw 6x20 5500003 Discontinued
N/I GALA-5500004 Galaxy Screw 6x12 5500004 Discontinued
N/I GALA-5500016 Galaxy Screw 8*12 (use Where Screw 5500004 Is Not Gripping) 5500016 Discontinued
N/I GALA-5500017 Galaxy Screw 8x20 (use Where Screw 5500003 Is Not Gripping) 5500017 Discontinued
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