Dripping Issues

Reviewed 11 years ago by Gareth Bell
My Galaxy G7000'S' stopped working recently (had it 5 years so no complaints here!) so I was looking to replace like with like. I found the Galaxy G7000 and had presumed they were equivalent (the S Model doesn't seem to be available on this website). Anyhow as it turns out it only shuts off the water when you turn the temperature control all the way to Full Hot, i.e. when you turn off the power button the water (now cold) still comes out. Amazingly, this wasn't very clear in the instruction booklet. Even with the Flow Valve in the fully off position there is a constant drip. this is annoying in the middle of the night as the shower is in our en-suite!

So overall:

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Hard to turn water off fully, constant drip. Installation instructions are brutal and unclear.