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Instant 7 Shower - Thermostat

This question is regarding Instant 7 Shower (1980 - 1985) Shower Spares

Hello, I have an Instant 7 shower unit that has given faultless service for 32 years but has now developed a fault whereby the power supply to the heating element will no longer cut out. In order to use it, without the element burning out, I have to run it almost at full flow on the "LOW" setting. I'm thinking the thermostat is stuck in the "ON" condition and would appreciate your view on the problem .............. and if the thermostat has failed can you advise if you can provide one, advise cost and send one to me at your earliest convenience. Thanking you in anticipation.

Asked 1 year ago by John Thornton
It is more likely that the switch to turn the power off is stuck. This should be checked out first.
Answered 1 year ago by Barrie Seabright

That's very helpful, thank you. I am having trouble identifying what spare part number the switch that turns the power off is. I have purchased (yesterday) a thermal cut out as it seemed the most likely candidate and hope this is what you mean. What I can say is: that the power won't switch off and the heating vessel starts to boil. Can you confirm the exact part I need please so I can purchase online.

Many thanks
John Thornton
Answered 1 year ago by John Thornton
We do not have a picture of the front cover on your shower , nor a picture of the internals, only the diagram shown.

The TCO maybe stuck , but if there is a switch on the shower it is more than likely this that is causing the problem. You can replace the TCO to have peace of mind.
Answered 1 year ago by Barrie Seabright
Hello Barrie
Thank you for your quick reply. I have already purchased a TCO (thermal cut out) and I am not aware of any other switch type devices in the shower. I attach a second copy of the internal of the shower sent a few days ago which, I guess must not have arrived (fingers crossed this time). If there is another switch as well as the TCO, can you identify it for me and advice the part number so I can order it. Many thanks, John
Answered 1 year ago by John Thornton
I think that the micro switches that turn on the power maybe the cause of the problem. I maybe wrong as this is the first time I have seen inside one of these. What do you think?

there is a video on this link that shows you how to test a micro switch that may help.
Answered 1 year ago by Barrie Seabright
Dear Barrie / Shower Doctor
Thank you yet again. I have to say that I have never received a customer service online to beat yours. It's brilliant and very helpful. I will check the micro switch out as recommended and order as necessary. Regards
Answered 1 year ago by John Thornton
Thank you Mr Thornton.

I am glad that I could help you on this occasion, and I thank you for your comments.
Answered 1 year ago by Barrie Seabright
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