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Jasper MorrisonSh/Thermostatic Built In Chrome Trim Kt Shower Valve Shower Spares

Ideal Standard Jasper MorrisonSh/Thermostatic Built In Chrome Trim Kt Shower Valve Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
11 IDL-A963427NU Ideal Standard Temp Adjustment Carrier And Handle Ext - A963427nu £23.83 +
11 IDL-A963432NU Ideal Standard Volume Control Handle Carrier - A963432nu £7.98 +
12 IDL-S960134NU Ideal Standard Wittlich 3/4 Thermostatic Cartridge D 08 - S960134nu £118.80 +
13 IDL-A960588NU Ideal Standard Rv-Unit Cold 3/4 Uk A950597 - A960588nu £26.51 +
14 IDL-A960589NU Ideal Standard Rv-Unit Hot 3/4 Uk A950596 - A960589nu £26.51 +
18 IDL-A960462NU HOT 3/4 Cartridge For 3H Side Valve Lowfrict £21.23 +
N/S IDL-A860415NU Ideal Standard Non Return Valve Ov15 - A860415nu £12.35 +
N/S IDL-A963434NU Ideal Standard Idealtherm Extension Kit - A963434nu £114.26 +
N/S IDL-A963510NU Ideal Standard Sealing Frame - A963510nu £10.60 +
N/S IDL-E6428AA Jasper Morrison Shower Head High Pressure Three Function Discontinued
N/S IDL-E960690AA Ideal Standard Elipse Wall Elbow Chrome - E960690aa £59.20 +
N/S IDL-A961494AA Ideal Standard Cap For Handle J.Morrison E 6410-Chrome - A961494aa £9.73 +
N/S IDL-A961495AA Ideal Standard Temperature Handle J.Morrison E6410-Ch - A961495aa £42.19 +
N/S IDL-A961496AA Volume Handle J.Morrison E6410-Chrome Discontinued
N/S IDL-A961499AA Rosette/Faceplate J.Morrison E6410-Ch Discontinued
N/S IDL-A961623NU Ideal Standard O Ring For Shower Cartridge - A961623nu £8.18 +
N/S IDL-A961957NU Ideal Standard Screw M4 X 45.5 Set Of Three - A961957nu £11.10 +
N/S IDL-A962998NU Ideal Standard Reprise Cartridge Screws M4 Pair - A962998nu £11.10 +
N/S IDL-A963426AA Ideal Standard Idealtherm Cover Chrome - A963426aa £26.51 +
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