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Lefroy Brooks GD 8700 Shower Spares

Lefroy Brooks Lefroy Brooks GD 8700 Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
n/a LB-GDFLOWEXP Lefroy Brooks Flow Cartridge PTE002 - Gdflowexp £23.94 +
n/a LB-LB2750 Lefroy Brooks Thermostatic Cartridge - Lb2750 £72.00 +
n/a LB-PTE003 Lefroy Brooks Flow Control Cover - Pte003 £33.06 +
n/a LB-PTE005 Lefroy Brooks Valve Backplate With Grub Screws - Pte005 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTE006 Lefroy Brooks Pair Of 15Mm Inlet Elbows - Pte006 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTE007 Lefroy Brooks Pair Of 15Mm Crack Cover Plates - Pte007 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTE016 Lefroy Brooks Black Lever (Ceramic) - Pte016 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTE018 Lefroy Brooks Thermostatic Cartridge Cover (Gd) - Pte018 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTE019 Lefroy Brooks Thermostatic Cartridge Cover (Bl) - Pte019 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTS002 Lefroy Brooks Non-Return Valves (Pair) - Pts002 £18.24 +
n/a LB-PTS004 Lefroy Brooks White Lever (Ceramic) - Pts004 £27.36 +
n/a LB-PTS007 Lefroy Brooks Screw - Pts007 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTS008 Lefroy Brooks Handwheel With Lion Indice (Gd) - Pts008 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTS010 Lefroy Brooks Lion Indice - Pts010 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTS011 Lefroy Brooks Ceramic Ring - Pts011 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTS018 Lefroy Brooks Handwheel (Bl) - Pts018 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTS020 Lefroy Brooks Anti Rotation Washer - Pts020 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTS021 Lefroy Brooks Lock Nut - Pts021 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTS022 Lefroy Brooks Temperature Stop - Pts022 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTS023 Lefroy Brooks Override And Screw - Pts023 Discontinued
n/a LB-PTS029 Lefroy Brooks Screw - Pts029 Discontinued
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