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mira 8 dismantling

This question is regarding Mira 8 Shower Spares

I have a very old Miira Shower mixer, it looks like an 8 (black knurled on off ring, with temp control in centre, grey with with mira in centre of a surfboard shaped temp pointer!

the knurled ring and temp control are prone to jamming, when you turn off or on, you have to twiddle both controls!

There are no visible screws to dismount. Does the centre temp control just pull off? i am reluctant to try, as it all works after a fashion! BUT it would be nice to make it work more smoothly....

Asked 8 years ago by Anonymous
Good morning,

Thank you for your email.

The temperature control knob simply pulls off. However, you may have to use two small falt-bladed screwdrivers (one on each side) and rock it gently to persuade it to come off. Once it has been removed you will see the circlip that holds on the flow control knob. Removing this clip will allow the flow control knob to be removed.

I hope that this helps you out.


The Shower Doctor.
Answered 8 years ago by Anonymous
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