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mira 8 replacement

This question is regarding Mira 8 Shower Spares

hi was wondering if or what would be the easiest for a straight swap, was going to buy new cartridge and knob packs, but after 30 years the old boy owes nothing, so retirement looms, not really wanting the hassle of patching tiles etc

Asked 8 years ago by Anonymous
Yes these are remarkable valves, to be honest a service kitor depending on how worn it is, a new set of internals will keep it going in definitelyAnd a new set of knobs will make it look OKI don’t have the centres of this valve however if you let meknow I can perhaps point you in the right direction (Most modern valves have150mm centres) The only issue is that this valve has 15.. male ironconnections the modern valves have 15mm tails suitable for a compression fitting.
Answered 8 years ago by Anonymous
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