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Mira 8 shower

This question is regarding Mira 8 Shower Spares

Hi. I have a customer who has the Mira 8 shower fitted. All was ok until a new combi boiler was fitted, and since then, she has found it difficult to turn the shower on and off, and also regulate it. I've read on other replies that this shower is not suitable for a combi boiler, unless prvs are fitted. Would you suggest replacing the shower, and if so, please could you suggest a replacement? Thanks. Dave.

Asked 4 years ago by David Owens

Yes this shower isn’t designed for a combi.
If the pressures aren’t too high and it has had a service kit fitted then it can work OK.
However it should be replaced by a combi compatible shower for example Mira Excel Mira Combi force Mira Combi flow.
Answered 4 years ago by George Thomson
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