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Mira 88 shower

This question is regarding Mira 8 Shower Spares

We have the above and for years now the temp dial has been turned right up to hot - it does not work, the only way to control the water temp is by turning the water flow up or down which is a pain in the neck.
Does this sound like a common problem which the service pack may fix, or is the shower beyond fixing? ( i know you cant give a definitive answer)
We run it off a combi boiler.

Any advice greatly appreciated.. Ian

Asked 4 years ago by Ian Charlesworth
The problem is, is it is on a combi boiler and this shower is not designed to work with a combi.

Fitting a service kit MAY help the problem is the combi is high pressure and the 88 is designed for low pressure fitting pressure reducing valves may help but by the time you have fitted them you will be well on your way to paying for a shower that is combi compatible.
Answered 4 years ago by George Thomson
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