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Will the Mira 8 knobs fit the Mira 88?

This question is regarding Mira 8 Shower Spares

I need a replacement Knob for my Mira 88 937 01 i would like to know if Mira 8 will fit this looks the most like mine,or should i buy Mira 88 only.

Asked 10 years ago by Marilyn Morrison
Hi There,

If your shower is the Mira 88 then you need to replace the knobs with the Mira 88 ones.

The part comes as the knob pack now and the part number you require is provided in the link.

It might be worth serving the internals of the valve with the seal kit as its probalby never been done.

Part Numbers
937.84 Knob pack
936.12 Seal Kit


The Shower Doctor
Answered 10 years ago by Anonymous
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